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    Any suggestions on a web host I should go with? I dont know really whats a good value since Ive always used free hosts in the past. seems pretty good, it actually seems too good to be true... 500 mb disk space, 10 gb bandwidth for $55 a year

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    lol go w/ free ones... imma not gonna get hosted so im sticking w/ geocities lolz cheap banners o well

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    exactly... 15mbs n the 4mbs transfer n the no FTP, cheap banners

    other then that itz all good... lol

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    I totally reccomend

    # Of course, it's free
    # 50 MB Disk Space
    # 500 MB Data Transfer
    # Free Sitebuilder
    # MS FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    # Unlimited CGI Scripting
    # Ads served on site (popups)

    and go HERE if you're interested in using their free service!
    or for their main page.

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    wat do u mean itz free

    Basic Advanced Professional Enhanced Ultra

    Cost per Month

    Monthly Plan $10.00* $19.95* $29.95* $49.95* $89.95*
    Yearly Plan $8.25* $17.96* $26.96* $44.96* $80.96*

    Set-Up Cost Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!

    Domain Registration Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

    Unlimited CGIs X X X X X

    Disk Space1 75 MB 150 MB 200 MB 300 MB 400 MB

    Data Transfer2 1024 MB 4096 MB 7168 MB 12288 MB 20480 MB

    FTP X X X X X

    MS FrontPage 2002 X X X X X

    E-mail Forwarding X X X X X

    Auto Responding X X X X X

    SSL X X X X X

    Toll-Free Customer Support X X X X X

    User Data and Traffic Stats X X X X X

    Miva Store & Shopping Cart Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

    Payment Gateway Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

    SSH X X X X

    Email Addresses 10 15 20 30

    POP3 and Web Mail3 X X X X

    PHP Scripting X X X X

    Cron Jobs/Task Scheduler X X X X

    A Records & MX Records X X X X

    MySQL Database4 X X X

    Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy Now!

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    Options Cost/Month Setup Cost * Features

    Extra Disk Space

    $2.50 (10 MB)

    Choose the amount of extra disk space you would like as part of your package selection.

    * One time only charge. DUNT GOT CREDIT CARD IM ONLY 14... sigh* i can only do free signs for now unless i get hosted

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    MagicNakor's Avatar On the Peripheral
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    There are a lot of free webhosts out there. What are you looking for?
    I just spent about two months hopping from host to host. I've reviewed two of them, but it was in the General section, which is invisible right now.

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