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Thread: No-cd Cracks

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    can someone please tell me step by step how 2 put a no-cd crack on rise of nations!! i keep getting " please insert the correct CD-ROM, select ok and restart app;ications." this also happens with Need for Speed underground. PLEASE!!!!

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    Get the no-cd crack. Put it in the game folder, thats where the games executable (.exe) file is and run it. That should do it.

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    If this don't work or old RPJ modifies this post, just PM me. It's really simple. Really. I can also give you the site to go to for those..errr...'alternate codes'.

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    How to install
    To install the 1.03 no cd-patch please follow these steps

    1)Install the 1.03 patch from (ignor the part where it ask you to put the cd in after its done installing it just ask that because it tried to launch the game without the crack)
    2)go to your rise of nations folder usually located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations
    3)backup your current nations.exe file (i usually make a folder named backup or original in the rise of nations folder and stick the original files there)
    4)put the cracked nations.exe in your rise of nations folder


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