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Thread: Flight Sim Pro 2002

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    Has anyone downloaded this game and got it to work? Im having trouble getting it installed. I have downloaded both CD1 and CD2 and have downloaded a number of "no cd patches" but dont know how to use them. I say them because Im beginning to think that some are fakes. Any Help?

    Thank You

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    Have you tried downloading CD3????

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    yeah im downloading it now, but thats not the problem In having, I cant get cd 2 to install!! Ive tried burning and then installing but it keeps telling me to insert cd2, Ive burned it twice, once I extracetd the iso the second I burned the iso image and still no go!! I tried running it from the hard drive and it doesnt do anything.

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    Cough I must be the only one that got ripped off on this game LOL

    I bought it, pro 2002 yup, 80 fucking euros lol...

    And in Germany, the TRANSLATION was bullshit, beenden = exit program / leave / exit / alt f4 whatever lol, turns out that actuatly opened cockpit door

    But if you do a full install, bout 2 gigs then you dont need any cds

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    so do I just put all files in one folder and run setup?

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    I gave up on this game a while back now. You don`t get an error when installing telling you you`re missing some files?

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    no not yet I havent, I just have the problem of actually getting cd2 to start installing. So will see&#33;


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