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Thread: Damaged Cd

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    When I bought simCity 4 the game worked fine, but the 4th time i tried to load it, it wouldnt load anymore! Some say it could be a faulty CD, Now if I rip it and copy to a new blank cd, will it fix that problem?


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    Take the cd back and get a new.

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    Hey Barbie! thanks for the reply

    I cant take it back since its almost 2 years old, I never thought of taking it back for a long time untill like 4 months ago! Lol so I can't do that... Do You think that ripping it and re copying it will make it work? same thing happened with rollercoaster tycoon 2, but The Sims and all the expansions work just fine! Just those two games!


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    I had a similar problem with a copy of UT 2004, the 5th disc had a really bad scratch and wouldn't install. So I used CDcehck to rip it and made a new copy that worked fine.

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    Thank you so much dsa16! I will check it out!


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    yes, could work, doubtful, but possible.

    only way it is going to work is if u use some sort of corruption fixing program (CDcheck); just ripping and burning isn't going to work.


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