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Thread: Does Firewall Prevents Uploading?

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    Does a firewall prevents other users from downloading my files>?
    I notice that recently..i either dun seemed to have any uploading activities or users get aborted the second they appear on the uploading section.

    I certainly do not want to be seen as a non-sharer and face getting kick off when i upload frm others.

    Im using windows XP. I went to network connectiosn and notice that the firewall option is uncheck wat could be wrong?

    Please help!

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    What Program...

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    Originally posted by pikichow@17 June 2004 - 13:35
    24.4??? You mean 2.44

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    yeah its 2.44, my bad
    i also notice that only certain users are able to download off me.
    my bandwidth is at 1027.
    so wats wrong?

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    what firewall are you using?

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    I disable the firewall option on my internet connection but i do have norton internet security. But i set the norton to prompt me for connections that doesnt deemed safe. I doubt its the firewall coz some users are able to upload...just not all.

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    You must foward ports if you have a router and use KaNAT also...


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