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Thread: Joint Operations

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    Mar 2003
    Not impressed. Looks like shit, runs like shit, and even worse, looks like the gameplay has potential. Shame to see another game maimed by lack of polish.


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    arrgh, you beat me to it, it's d/lin' now, and the screens look worse than the original desert combat, i'm getting it because pc gamer seemed to think it was ok...and I can usually trust pc gamer...usually. Man shit hits the fan on IRC just as fast as newsgroups...thats awesome

    and you are absolutely correctomundo, some games meet their demise when they are rushed to the counter, take a look at Lock On: Modern Air Combat, I could not wait to get that game, and when it came out, it was so buggy and all around fucked up that nobody wanted anything to do with it (patches eventually fixed most of the problems,) but what if that had been a console game? people would have been enraged. IMHO, publishers don't know shit about games and the business of releasing games . Thief 3 is another good example, even at the highest settings, there are a million light clipping problems and weird places to dissapear into thin air.

    We should write a letter, even better, an "electronic letter"

    I stopped the d/l...If everyone says it sucks...chances are it sucks.
    "If you expect a kick in the balls, and you get a slap in the face, then it's a victory!" -old Irish wisdom

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    Any game that novalogic makes is not good, so i am not surprized that Joint Ops sucks.


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