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Thread: Green-fly?

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    what do you think about green-fly ?
    is it a good software?

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    Not only isn't it 21 in 1, it's not even 1 in 1. It's just a dialer. :sneaky1:

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    never heard of it. what is it? i aint clicking on links anymore after some close calls, unless i know what is on the other side
    Shut that cuntís mouth or Iíll come over there and fuckstart her head.

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    I'm not going to even investigate something that looks THAT dodgy. I don't know, justlooking is probably right about it being a dialer.

    The horrible syntax of the main .jpg says "search Kazaa Lite, Kazaa Media Desktop". You don't need one if you have the other - its a scam.

    And I gotta say I love the Ads by Google: only $19.95 and you can dowload legally!

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    Im guessing for one that you must be involved with this project to have the nerve to post this crap, or if not I'de love to know where you found it, and for second if somenone could tell me if the bolded type that is oddly in picture format is even in englsh at all...

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    First, I think you're right!

    Second, I think the text has been put through a really bad online translator.

    For a bit of light relief, find one and enter some thing like "My dog licks his balls", translate it from english to french, then take the french translation and run it backwards into english - hours of innocent fun!

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    Originally posted by fresh02@17 June 2004 - 11:15
    what do you think about green-fly ?
    is it a good software?
    I smell....
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"


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