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Thread: Och Felia Suger Som Vanligt (adsl)

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    Felia ska ju alltid vara ute å fula sig. Använder Du ADSL ? Ta en titt på den här artikeln i så fall. Detta kommer ju säkerligen beröra ALLA som använder ADSL oavsett vilken leverantör man använder, eftersom det är Skanova som är 'nät'-leverantören.

    A short summary if some non swedish-understanding-person just HAD to read this

    The 'major' ADSL provider in sweden is seriously 'thinking' about making customers paying per downed Mb, which we all know will make quite an uproar. In this case, since EVERY other provider of ADSL has to buy their space from Skanova (owner of all the cables in sweden telephonewise. They were previousy owned by Telia, and still seems to favour them a bit too much for my liking) this will probably affect every person who happens to be on ADSL. In short, IT SUCKS DONKEY-POO!

    Note: Mebbe this shouldn't be under filesharing, but since it will affect every person who is swede and share, well, you get the point

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    Fan. det har snackats om detta förut, men nu är det kanske allvar.

    Yes. it sucks Donkey Poo!


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