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Thread: Firewall Problem

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    I have just upgraded from free to Pro. The problem is when I boot up the firewall blocks all traffic even if set to allow all. After 3-4 minutes you can see the taskbar icon showing traffic. IE and OE then pass traffic OK just as though someone had opened the server. Any ideas why th e firewall behaves that way, what happenbs in those 4 minutes, any ideas.

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    Uh unless I misunderstood. Why don't you start over & do a clean install instead of an upgrade. That could be it. And why do you need Pro? I did the opposite. I uninstalled Pro & installed free. Don't miss the Pro at all.

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    When I upgraded I did uninstall free first. I was more than happy with the free version. But I use the peerguardian advanced rules for banned IP's, and they are now up to 17 pages and the free version only allows 20. So I thought U/G, but it gives me this problem which is annoying having to wait for 3 or more minutes.

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    it's probably dure to the fact that you have so many rules.

    Maybe: -

    Options > Security > Block all traffic while not loaded

    If so, i would leave probably leave it alone.

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    its more than likely the second part of dazed posts,

    also sygate tends to load slowly and can be the last to load, thus stopping a broadband connection from letting things like msn, ie connect straight away. Try playing with ur start up to get sygate to load first, or remove some other things to speed up ur start up.

    i disagree with the amount of rules being the prob as i have lots and dont have this.
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