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Thread: Croatia Vs France

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    Mannnn France must be Pissed

    Imagine if Crotia wins

    Then England must really ...

    Nice goal by Croatia btw
    Hilarious goal by France dribble

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    that referee was a f!$%*g prick....france shouldda scored a third but ref called it offside when henry clearly had no intention of passing it to zidane.
    he should be shot.

    anyway...the players these days do so much faking when they get the slightest push, soon we'll be seeing a free kick every 2 mins!! it startin to make football boring.
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    what is the point moaning about the ref? it has never got anyone anywhere...just accept it. believe it or not, refs are only human. refs are a bit like women really, can't live with em, can't live without them...

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    ur right
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.


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