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Thread: A Little Outta Line But Hey

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    I need a valid server to connect to and the login:pass, if ne one know how to get this, I would greatly appreciate it, cause the one I have limits me somewhat.

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    most isp's have a newserver and they have a lot of servers and don't limit much, usually (if they do limit at all, it's usually in the alt.binaries newsgroups)..
    Another one is, they are a free news server that doesn't requier a login and has a good bit of newsgroups

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    Ive also noticed with Newsgroups, it depends what program your using to connect to them with.

    I used grabit for a little while, on the ntlworld server in the uk and i never used to find anything at all to download, not binary files anyway, so i just gave up thinking that the ntlworld server was just going to be a waste of time.

    Thought i would get back into it a few weeks back and found newsbin pro on kazaa, so installed that, and i found loads of binary files about 400 in this one room for about 20 different programs/games. So just to double check i loaded grabit up and went to the same room but all i got was requests, not 1 binary file, so if your not using newsbin pro i suggest you download it and give it a try, with the server you are on now, you might be surprised whats been hiding from you.

    hope this helps


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    I've been using newsbin pro, and with two diff logins, one being and another well I found it, but it is limiting me way to much, cause the server on a irc group I am with keeps pulling these cool files outta groups, gives me the address to them, and there isn't crap there, and I have to have him send it to me, big pain in the arse, but if someone could help me out with an all access pass, I'd be happy to help u out with whatever I can.

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    Ok, in newsbin pro, you should have "show incomplete posts" ticked and only that one ticked, load up the room, download all headers, and it should have hundreds of .rar files, it will be very rare that you will find a complete post in 1 room, so if you havt got this ticked then you wont get anything showing up.

    Basically, show incomplete posts shows files that are say 01.rar to 70.rar, but there might be 1 or 2 missing or he might still be uploading the .rars to the server. so say if it says (01-99) just right click, properties on the file and it will show you which parts are missing, i suggest download the parts that are there if you realy want the proggy/game/movie the download latest headers, if there are more to download then download those as well, if not just keep checking back every few hours or so, and see if he has uploaded anymore, if yes download if not give it a week or 2 and post a request for the .rars that you want. then hopefully a couple of days later the rest should be there as well.

    Newsgroups take patience, its not just a one file download, but you do get the latest realeases from them.

    if this still doesnt help then yeah your right, the servers you use are crap . But as ine is with my isp and they recognise ip addresses then you cant get into ntl, and as its ok ive never tried looking for a good free one.

    Edit: when you right click on an incomplete to download it you have to select "download incomplete" or it wont download.

    hope this helps a little



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