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Thread: Nod32 Server Connection Failure

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    Hey all, Decided to install Nod32 after reading the top 10 av thread but am having a problem in which I can't update. Recieve a 'server connection failure', anyone able to help me get past this?

    Followed theres instructions from a folder downloaded using suprnova:
    Installation Instructions

    First run the install exe, when prompted choose "set update parameters later"
    when the install is finishing DO NOT let it reboot. Now copy the crack (patch.exe) into the
    program directory and run it from there. Now reboot.

    To get the program to update goto
    update -> setup -> servers and add the server
    to the list, select that server as the one to update from.
    Recieve the error when I hit update after the restart (applied the crack before restarted which was successful). Any ideas on how to get this working?

    Thanks in advance

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    Anyone able to help?

    Edit: Just got a message saying I have updated successfully so I guess it just took time Thanks to all those who helped me through this anyway.

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    U need the username and password, if u want it tell me so ill pm u

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    heh i got a real user name and pass


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