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Thread: Help With Kanat

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    im new to Kanat, when i search for files i see a shit load of the red x's and i dont know how to use it. iv read that thing on the web page but its pretty complicated, please help me.

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    ok this is what i do

    open kazaa and b4 you do anything else like search ect

    open kanat

    when it opens

    click on the kazaa port button first and a port number should apear

    next click on the wan ip button

    then the lan ip button

    then the current kazaa ip button

    then when you have numbers in all those boxs

    press the replace now button and the current kazaa ip number should change

    hit the start auto replace buton and then just minimize the kanat window

    you can now search and you should have no red x on the found criteria

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    what delphin460 just said was in the FAQ of KaNat.

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    true but sometimes its easier to just step by step for some ppl

    i think its a x gen thing lol

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    wheres the FAQ for Kanat?? when i hit the LAN IP botton, it does nothing

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    You ONLY need KaNAT if you connect to the internet through a router.

    Also, the router MUST have the ip port Kazaa Lite is using forwarded to the computer Kazaa Lite is on&#33;

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    im pretty sure im connected to a router, a read that web page thing that says i need KaNaT if i see those red x&#39;s, also i asked if i was behind a router and people said yes i was.

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    At this point I have a stupid question:
    Do you even know what a router is and what it&#39;s used for/needed for?

    If so, what brand router do you have?
    And have you checked that router&#39;s manual? (...possibly need to DOWNLOAD a manual/FAQ on that router off the router&#39;s maker&#39;s website.)

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    i dunno what the hell a router is, all i know is that i see the red x&#39;s, and people say im behind one

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