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Thread: Bush's Speech..

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    i havent posted any opinions about the war in this forum. i cant really say if im for or against it.
    i just watched the speech and it was pretty convincing...
    what do u guys think??

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    i've been convinced for a long time. his speech was good (i think it would've been better if he had been sitting) and saddam needs to leave.

    here is a very good analysis of iraq to convince all you peacepeople that war is a must.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I think it was a war declaration
    any wich ways it goes noone can deny that at least we'll be removing someone who does not deserve to live

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    My PM John Howard has commited Our troops so i say go in now

    plus these 2 guys defaced the opera house with "No War"

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    do u live in australia?

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    yes and proud to be an aussie!!!!!

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    well... i was convinced already...

    EVERYONE KNOWS he has these weapons... and nobody is doing bugger all.. they are doing something.. and that my friends is better than nothing...

    <span style='color:red'>Eagle one, this is God in position.</span>

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    The speech...

    Made me clear its about the oil...

    quote... not literaly

    - all that put fire in oilwells will be prosecuted

    and only after he said that he said

    - any use of NBC (mass destructive) weapons will be prosecuted....

    my guess..? What&#39;s the most important, you put that 1st.... I thought it was because of him having those weapons they attack....? Not the oil....

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    Some of you guys are full of it, do you know what happens if you go to war you have to kill people sometimes women and children, you have to see your buddies with their organs spilling out,
    people suffer.
    Some young people want to fight war but when they come back they are shatered people.

    i suppose some people wont know the horrors of war until it happens on their own soil.
    War is no good.

    And as for Australia im an Australian but im not proud to be Australian the priminister locks up refugges and now wants to go to war, and get this he locks up iraqi refuggess which causes them great mental/physical harm, then he goes on about how Saddam is so cruel and wants to free iraqis from this regime,
    He is certainly not "my pm".

    Dont be fooled this war is about oil.

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    The speech...

    Made me clear its about the oil...
    jetje is right .... all this war is about is oil and I wish everyone else could see this too. One of the first objectives of the allied attack is to &#39;secure the oil fields&#39; yeah I bet &#39;secure&#39; my ass , secure them from anyone else apart from america. you&#39;d think that once in the process of attacking iraq the allies america would try and &#39;secure&#39; all these chemical and biological weapons he is suppose to have hiding under his bed.

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