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Thread: Cgi Scripting?

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    I have a news website on a linux server compatable with Perl, CGI Scripting, PHP, mySQL,...

    I was wondering if I can make 5 news reporters log onto the website and post new news without adding a HTML page, or accessing the server to add the page. Would it be possible for them to log onto the site with a username and password and let them add an article directly.

    Thanks, if you don't understand I could re explain it for you.

    What would I need to accomplish this task.


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    Anyone? :helpsmile: I'm in kind of a hole

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    Why would you not want to add the html page?

    I'm not much into web stuff but you can ask your host if you have access to a .htaccess file. If so, tinker with that and have them use a username and password to access the password protected content.

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