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Thread: Anime Series Vs. Movies

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    So, we all hate it when our favorite anime series ends, but what about when the creators get it in their heads to do a movies? You go in w/ high expectations, but those ususally get cut down.
    So any one seen any good anime movies that followed a series?

    I just saw the Nadesico movie, I read a few bad reveiws and all, where people were complaining because it wasn't as funny as the series, but I thought the movie was good. The only problem was there were a few characters that needed way more explaining than they got.

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    Originally posted by HeavyMetalParkingLot@18 June 2004 - 15:31
    So any one seen any good anime movies that followed a series?
    The "Cowboy Bebop" movie was quite good.
    And guess what... It's been released on dvd lately...

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    Yeah, the DVD has been out for quite a while now. Luckily my city was one of the places that got it in the theater, quite fun!


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