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Thread: Router Settings Help

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    well i got a linksys befw11S4 v4 router, and i been haveing problems running azerurs lately, when i download anything it is always on yellow, but i already forward my ports to 6881-6889, but the same thing is still there, and the speeds are really slow. i thought it must be the firmware, so i went to the site to get the latest firmware for the router, when i did, it still was at yellow. I decided to use Azeurus without the router and it was green, well so i guess it must have been the router problems, any ideas to help make it download better, thanks :helpsmile:

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    Try, might find something that helps.

    How about firewall, running one of those, if so which one?
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    nope i dont have any software firewall, just hardware which is my router

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    thanks for the help i read the settings and i set it up right thanks...the link was very helpful so i had to bookmark it


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