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Thread: Rar Files

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    can you split a rar file into segments? I need to do this to get the file on 2 cds, becuase it's 1.2 gigs

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    You can, but it'd be easier when the time came to extract the saved archive(s) to extract the file(s) & reRAR them into volumes of the size that best works for your project. If you only want make them fit on 2 CDs, you could RAR the whole project roughly in half (into two ~ 650 Mb RAR volumes). If you want to save them for downloading later, 15 Mb parts would be better.

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    1) Open up WinRar.
    2) Click Options ---> Settings
    3) Click on the Compression tab
    4) Click Create Default
    5) On the bottom left, it says, Split to volumes, bytes
    6) Enter the value in bytes for the size of each volume
    7) Click OK for everything until you get back to the main WinRar window


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