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Thread: Digital Camcorders

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    Im thinking of getting a camcorder.I want to make litte movies and edit them on my pc with special effects etc.Ive never owned a camcorder and know little about them, please could someone explain what the major differnces between a standard camcorder to a digital one?
    Matt Seymour

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    to start off, if you want to being editting your videos it would proberly be better to get a digital one

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    The digital acn go straight to your computer by firewire or usb, i think...

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    It's also possible to edit with regular camcorders, but it is far more dificult and you can not add special effects.
    It usually involves hooking up more then one VCR, and also a stereo if you want to add sound
    however if you just go with a digital camera this can all be done in less then half the time and with a lot more ease!!
    Go digital...


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