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Thread: Problem Playing Converted Bitrate Mp3s

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    i bought a MPIO model FY200 and i have no problem playing files by transferring them thru the mpio default software. the probllem is that ive installed dbmpoweramp and i am using sveta portable audio to convert my higher bitrate mp3s to a lower bitrate.
    the problem is when they do get transferred to my player but they will not play. i have also noticed even when i use sveta to transfer an unconverted original mp3 it still doesnt play. does anyone have any idea why? or can someone tell me a different program available?
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    LAME must be the best mp3 encoder out. Follow the links to find out more about it and to get a windows front end.

    There are many different ways of encoding mp3 files, but theoretically all mp3 players should know how to decode them. It sounds like either your player doesn't know some of the methods, or your sveta program is breaking the rules.

    BTW, don't ever be fooled into going for Mp3PRO encoding, it is simply a marketing ploy.
    It claims to produce the same playback quality with a lower bitrate, implying you get smaller files for the same quality - it actually produces a side stream which makes the file the same size as before. And if you then try to play back on a non-Mp3PRO enabled player you get poorer quality because the player doesn't understand the side stream so you just get the lower bitrate stream. The idea is that you might be tempted to buy a more expansive Mp3PRO enabled player.
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