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Thread: Self Extracting Windows 98se

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    hey everyone i'm having some issues here and maybe you can help me out. I downloaded windows 98se in a selft extracting .exe format. Thing is i want to burn all the cab files and exe files into a executable bootable disk so it would be like having a windows 98se disc. How do i go about doing this???

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    First you need a bootdisc of Win 98 (or Se will do) then put it on a floppy and leave this in your Pc, now go to Nero open with "CD ROM boot" drag your files accross and burn.
    Me at this point would also add any other programs like Winrar, Winzip, KaZaalite etc till the disc is full (why waste space) but don't forget to leave the floppy in OR it won't be bootable, also you will still need to know something about Dos as its not like XP when booting you have to fdisk and format the drive yourself in Dos.
    Oh cut the disc slow say 16 speed just to make sure it boots and not at 52 speed.

    Another point is if your Se is an "upgrade" put Win95 on the disc too saves swapping discs then just point to the folder or type it in.;EN-US;221829 - For Dos help (if needed).

    Have fun now.


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