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Thread: Whats Going On With The Bandwidth?

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    I have tried to get this figured out, but stumped pretty bad.

    my downloads wont go any faster, bandwidth wise, than 56, hundreds of results and it is saying that none of them are more than 56. something wrong, or is it just because it is high traffic?


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    You might have exceeded your ISP's maximum tolerance for bandwidth usage and they have limited the port speed to modem speed temporarily untill th next billing period. Give them a call and ask!.

    Or before doing that check your computer for spyware and viruses.

    Check the network settings in your P2P application!.

    Try turning off the firewall/router and see if there is any differance.

    Your ISP might have some system maintenance going on!

    You are trying to reach servers from the same country and a major connection point to that country might be down. If so Expect the speed to increase very soon.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!


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