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Thread: Windows 98se Self Extracting.exe

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    hey everyone, I downloaded windows 98se in a self extracting.exe format from kazaa the other day. My question is I want to take all the cab files and exe files i extracted and make a .iso executable disc as if i had a windows 98se disc. How do i go about doing this??? thanks

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    try making a a bootable CD using a Win 98 boot disk and disk emultion

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    I downloaded that one once, it didn't work, you gotta get the ISO (around 600,000kb or more) one then burn it using nero. (actually it might have been a .bin and .cue, can't remember anymore).

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    Just burn all the CAB files onto a CD. Also make sure you have the setup/install.exe on the CD too.

    It won't be bootable though.


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