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Thread: Peerguardian And Protowall

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    What are PeerGuardian and ProtoWall? I keep hearing people mention them, and I have no clue what the are. Are they somehting I should get?

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    They block "blacklisted" IP ranges from connecting to your PC. Its a way of protecting yourself against the RIAA, MPAA etc.

    I have used both and overall I think protowall is better, although Peerguardian isn't bad.

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    Should I just use both?

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    PeerGuardian gets it bad IP list from makes Protowall.

    Although PeerGuardian isn't a knock-off of Protowall, it uses Protowall's IP database. Which the people at PeerGaurdian are getting lazy about updating.

    Get Protowall and it's updating software, BlockList Manager for real time on demand updates.

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    Protowall is a lot better
    1)bigger range of ips
    2)bigger choice of ranges
    3)almost daily updated ranges
    4)constant research into new ranges
    5)blocks more protocols than peergardian
    6)blocks at driver level, which means it works before any info is sent, whereas peergardian may allow some info to go through
    7)uses little/none resources
    8)very easy to use and update ranges using blocklist manager (just follow the instructions on bluetack on how to install the driver and u will be fine after that)
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