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Thread: Download Speed Or Lack Of It

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    Hi, I'm new here and I seek help or advice. My problem:

    I have a d/l spead of between 1Kb/s and 15Kb/s

    I see a Upload speed of about 1500/2500 Kb/s

    Is this normal?

    My setup is a LAN connection not unlikely to what you might encounter at a school.
    What it means is about 200 users and a router between the network and the ISP.

    Type of the router unknown (imposible to get info on that one because of excesive

    If there is something I can do to improve my d/l speed I'll be very grateful, and I'm willing to give all the information needed for whoever is willing to help to understand the nature of my setup.

    Sorry if I don't make sense but as I said, I'm new at this...

    Thank you in advance
    sebastian pons

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    well if you're on a uni connection then they are blocking ports most likely
    have you ran a Shields up test
    find out what open and use that port, try different p2p's as kazaa sucks
    bittorrent/mirc/emule are great
    ask around, you're not the only person with this problem, find out what other have done (if you live in a dorm)
    know what I mean, vern

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    That was fast!!

    Thank you. I didn't explain myself. I'm on a LAN not unlike wat it's found at a school or university. I'm not conecting from a learning or work center. It is just
    a comunal setup at a very reasonable price. The downside being the problems I'm having geting a decent d/l rate or when using an Internet radio; incesant buffering.
    So, you see, there is nobody to ask for help at my end. I used the Gipson's PA, and it found my machine in stealth mode.
    The firewall at my computer is Kerio Personal Firewall. Any chances of modifying
    it to get better results? I already gave permission for KL access (four green tick
    I asume that my problem is port related. Is there anyway to isolate the problem?

    Thanks again
    sebastian pons

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    Maybe your uploads are choking your download speeds

    Read about this somewhere

    Try LOWERING your upload speed and see if that works



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