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Thread: Run A Download

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    How come after I download software I can't get it to run on XP, I always get an error problem?

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    What's the software and what's the problem?

    Can't help you if only you know what they are

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    quickbook 2003, when I try to run it a msdos window opem and suddenly closes. It get this problem with other software also.

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    generaly when you download something and its just a msdos box, its ether currupt or a fake

    in some cases you might have to change the extention to make it work but usualy the .nfo file would tell you to do this

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    Might be renamed as .exe file, so its easier to find.

    Rename the extension to fip, rar, iso, nro or what have we and try to open it thenĀ“

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