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Thread: Outpost Firewall Pro

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    Ive got Outpost Firewall Pro ver 2.1.303.4009 (314) and it has started saying i have so many days until i wont get updates. It is now down to one day, i tried entering the serial code i got with the program and it said it had been successful but i get the same message everytime i start my pc. What can i do so i still get updates?

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    Guess not :helpsmile:

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    Dump it and try either ZoneAlarm free version or Sygate free version. Either one will serve you well and both are freeware. Alternately, you can upgrade for $$ or just use alternate coding. I use ZA pro with web filtering. It's got a pop-up, floating ad, banner ad, and Flash blocker. NIce and easy to use.

    FOr a free antivirus try AVG free or Avast free. I use Avast Pro. It's served me better than AVG. You can also upgrade for $$ or use 'alternate coding'. Good luck.

    Or just get a new keygen
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