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Thread: What's The Best Memory

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    edit:deleted, found one , just took forever to find out the type of motherboard, and sisoft was giving my board false info, saying it had four ram slots, when it only had 2. and gave me the completely wrong MB info.

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    memoy is dependent on the MB ur useing ull have to look up what kind of mem ur MB will let u use
    most brand names are prity much the same just make shure it comes with some kinda warnty so if its bad when u put it in ull be able to exchange it if it work when u put it in it will probly be fine for years

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    i know that the fastst memory is RDram........
    so if u want to buy something buy this

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    lol it will do u no good to buy rd ram if ur system will not suport it and it is vary unliky that ur sys suports rdram its all most and abandoned spec it was too expencive for what it did DDR ram is all most as fast and was 1\4 of the cost

    just get the fastest ram ur comp will suport


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