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Thread: Looking 4 An Rpg For The Pc

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    any1 know any good rpgs for the pc? i dont like the ones with too much story where u have to read 5 hours b4 u know where u have to go. NOT GAMES like morrowing and neverwinter nights. but it has too be a game that u can lvl and have an inventory

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    Diablo 2?

    wait for guild wars, that will float your boat, guaranteed.
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    Have you tried Knights of the old republic out yet?
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    ya guild wars was awsome. i played the e3 demo and i cant wait for the game to come out. i havnt bought a game in 5 years (all warez) but im defiantly gonna buy guild wars. hated kotor. kinda boring to me. no action.
    grim fandagos kinda old and i finished diablo 2.
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    and i finished diablo 2.
    you never finish diablo 2. You can quit, but you never finish diablo 2.

    and grim fandango was the SHIZNIZZLISNITBANGBANG.

    I did'nt play kotor, but I watched my brother play thru the whole thing, and I thought the story was worth making into a movie, kotor ruled (fun to watch at least.)

    yeah I played the e3 demo too, and it was pretty good, just like D2 but 3d if you ask me.
    "If you expect a kick in the balls, and you get a slap in the face, then it's a victory!" -old Irish wisdom

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    Knights Of The Old Republic PWNED!!!!!!!111!!1!!1111!!!!!!11!!1!!!!111onefiveseventhirteen my fav RPG. the only one that actually made me want to finish it and not want it to end.

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    Try Baldurs gate. I was just given baldurs gate 2 the shadow of amn. Pretty good so far for such an old game (late 90's). It's like Icewind dale, being set in the forgotten realm from AD&D. Choose your character and go.

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