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Thread: No Files On The Music Cd

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    Yeah, I'm a newb. And yeah, I expect this to be an obvious answer to the majority on this form. But before people bash me for asking it, let me tell you, I did extensive Google searching, as well as searching through this forum and other bigger ones as well. No luck.

    You can tell I'm not a newb to forums in general by my defensive nature, can't ya

    Anyway, here's the prob. I have a few albums that I enjoy, and bought legitamately. They are newer albums. They have multimedia capabilities on them. Nothing new. However, in an obvious ploy to keep people from ripping the tracks, there are no visible cda files, or any files that correspond to the actual music on them. The songs are hidden from windows.

    I know there must be a way around this, the data is there. I really just wanna listen to albums from my computer, which is my primary CD player as well. But I can't. I know P2P people must have found a way around this, because some of the more popular songs are available for DL on Kazaa Lite ++.

    So yeah. How to I get/use the the songs on my album and computer?

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    you can try CDex.

    You can also give this guide a try.

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    Windows Media Player will read them. Just open WMP, click on "Play" at the top where it has a tool bar of options, and on that menu, click on "CD Audio" or something similar to that. Then, in the submenu click on the drive that it's in. If you want to rip them into mp3 format onto your computer, download dbpowerAMP. google that, and you'll get the site.


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