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Thread: "spy Deleter"

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    i just opened up my ie browser and a whole bunch of crap came up. My default page has been changed from yahoo to a yellow page that says craap like "is your pc running slower. Have sidebars been added without your permission. This is spyware. click this link to download a program to remove this." when i hovered above the link the url said spy deleter. I dont know how to delete this because spybot doesnt work. It removes files but they keep coming back. Is there a specific method to delete this and what the hell is it?? i even change by ie page back but it goes back to "is your computer infected crap"

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    you got a bad case of spyware/possible browser hijacking try gettin a antispyware app like Spysweeper,Xoftspy,Adaware,Spybot some shit like that should fix ur problem and try doin a virus scan too.

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    CWShredder & posting your HijackThis! log on the HT forum.

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    just run spybot S&D, see if that solves it


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