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Thread: How Copy Bit Torrent Dvd

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    okay so i downloaded a torrent dvd movie and i can watch it on my how do i burn it to a dvd????

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    if have nero

    Nero Smartstart >> Copy and Backup >> Burn image to disk>> Click the image file

    you can also use alcohol 120% to burn the image if you have it

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    I have the same problem! I.E film downloads as a folder with sub folders, cd1 & cd2. No image files? then i get "file not supported" and nero closes. Any other ideas? The files dwnld as typically .R with a number after them. It seems as though they have to be converted for nero to recognise them.

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    Just remember, if it says cd1 and cd2, they are going to be in (S)VCD format, not DVD.

    As for the original question, check what format have you downloaded (after extracting from the archive if necessary ). If it isn't in VOB format you will need to use an authoring tool.
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    Some sites that may be helpful:

    you might want to check out TMPGEnc and TMPGEnc DVD Author
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    alright i'll try that....thanks


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