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Thread: Burning Dreamcast Games

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    Can anyone plz help me how to burn dreamcast games. Wat i want to know is that i wana know how to download dreamcast games from the internet and then burn them so i can play them on my dreamcast. I ask anyone to plz have the time to explain me this and explain it to me good like a step-by-step guide wat to do. Like first tell me which site i can download the dreamcast games that are really good sites. Then wat programs i need to burn these games like how to burn it and then thats it. But that burnin those games will actually work on my dreamcast like it was just an exact back-up from the original. I would really appreciate if someone could have the consideration to give me this information.

    Also i dont need modchips for the dreamcast to play burned games right?

    tell me if im goin to have to need one or what do i need to play burned games.
    hopefully i dont need one cuz i herd from a friend that u dont need a modchip but can someone really confirm me that. thank u.

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    no you don't need a mod chip
    download bittornado
    got look in the game section (click dreamcast) download
    once its done you will have a disc image, you will then have to burn with discjuggler or nero

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    How do people make images out of Dreamcast discs? Aren't they special discs that hold 1GB of data? Do they "hook" the Dreamcast up to their computer?

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    And make sure if possible you get a "self boot" game, otherwise you might need to download and burn a DC bootdisc, it's called Utopia, not a big deal though.

    @Sp-Am, Yeah that's pretty much what they do, have to set up a network between the DC and their computer, and transfer the data that way, (1gb over a 56k modem ) , or you can try just popping the disc into your PC, but a pc won't read a gd-rom, but I heard theres a way around that too, don't know. And your able to fit em onto cd-r's because they probably ripped a ton of shit out of it, Shenmue 2 comes to mind.

    But not much reason to rip em anymore, most of the games worth playing have been done and are out there already.


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