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Thread: Dvd To Avi?

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    I have viewed many posts about good programs that will let you convert a dvd movie to avi format but I have tried them all and I must say, BULLSH*T!

    Either there are extra files you need to add to the prog or it is just to many steps to make this happen or just takes too damn long. I really haven't been able to locate a dvd to avi program that does everything in one step. Not like well, rip the movie then flask it, etc BLAH BLAH BLAH. However there is one I found but you must pay for it to be able to convert an entire movie. The website I found it at is DVD-TO-AVI. I have tried this and it works Great! but alas only can covert a small portion under this trail. So I guess I will just have to purchase it. I couldn't find it on kazaa or a crack for it. If someone does please let me know. Thanks

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    I know what you mean......

    Try Easy Divx at

    but youve probably tried it...


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