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Thread: Do You Regret Buying The Pc/laptop You Bought?

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    I bought an Siemens Amilo D 2ghz Laptop 2 yrs ago

    Man oh man - ive brought it in for repairs 3 times now

    Its noisy as fk, battery is flattening, overheats (2 new fans)
    after the warrenty runs out im Screwed.

    Yes i should have saved up and bought something Better

    Okay Dell you win.

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    I never regret buying my desktop because 1/2/3/4 years later I've upgraded and changed it so much, it's still somewhat up to date.
    laptops however are different I guess seeing as it's a lot harder to upgrade them
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    yeah same with kai, plus i no its gonna become outdated soon so if u always wait for the next thing and keep waiting, then ull never get a computer u jut gotta toughen up for the long haul lol and suffer for a while when its out of date till u get a new computer every 3 yearsish or whenever you can get the spare dough

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    I regret buying a new laptop because I know within no time it'll just become an expensive paperweight.
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    My regret is building a comp straight from a computer show 3yrs ago.
    The worst place to buy a computer.
    Got a p4 2.0 for $399 and a P4B mobo that only runs on SDRAM.

    If I wait 2 months I could have got a mobo w/DDR.

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    i had to bring my peice back to get a virus removed and they ended up replacing the harddrive and ive had to take it many time to get windows put back on it cuz its got really fucked up.

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    i regret buying a Tiny about 5 years ago, i've only recently learnt the value of build my own

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    Really peeded off fecking pcs all cack and hassle

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    I regret buying the motherboard that i did for this computer, it would be well worth it to have spent an extra 50 bucks to get an asus board or something. To late, now i gotta save up and buy a whole new one.

    I also regret my whole old PC, wish i had gotten it built by a friend or something (back when i knew nothing about computers). It also had a pos motherboard.

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    Originally posted by ROSSCO_2004@21 June 2004 - 16:58
    I also regret my whole old PC, wish i had gotten it built by a friend or something (back when i knew nothing about computers).
    Me too
    I got ripped OFF!
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