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Thread: Steroids?

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    I have only seen it on the news

    I have taken a bunch of droga just wondered what is "Steroids"?

    For us normal humans with only daily casual sport activities, unlike the master, what does it do.

    I know what Google is...i would like to know form someones personal experience.


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    i have learnt (not from my experience, cos i dont take em) that it gives men boobs and a shrivled up penis...that is why i will never take them.
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    I'm pretty sure that steroid's, when injected trick muscle cells into letting them into the cells and mutate the cells to make them stronger. I have never taken them and never plan to. If I can't play a sport on hard work and dedication alone then I don't need to play that sport.

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    nope...that stuff will kill ya...
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    yea, great epsoide

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    Nope, never used steroids and don't plan to.

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    a guy at collage used to take them, he had ridiculously larges muscles - looked like his head was on the wrong body - and he cofessed that it had shrunk his penis to the size of a peanut

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