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Thread: Pop-up Trouble

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    I have Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Companion Toolbar, and MSN Toolbar

    So I essentially have 3 pop-up blockers.

    I have noticed however that I am still getting pop-ups from certain sites. Some of these sites include, and

    Why are the pop-up blockers having trouble with these? I don't remember them having trouble before.

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    Hmmm, no popup problems with Firefox, but I get them in IE.

    Must be an embedded ActiveX control. Popup blockers can do little about those.
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    I get no pop-up on and with firefox/Mozilla/Internet Explorer. (I just finished trying it in all)
    Maybe you have adware installed?

    Try using Ad Muncher as your pop-up blocker. It is the best out there. B)

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    ok, I get no pop-ups with Firefox

    I got the pop-ups using MyIE2 though :helpsmile:

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    Originally posted by ninjamonkey@21 June 2004 - 19:25
    ok, I get no pop-ups with Firefox

    I got the pop-ups using MyIE2 though :helpsmile:
    Can you make a screen shot of the pop-up. Maybe you can post the url?

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    yeah, il make the screen shots tomorrow. I think they are standard pop-ups though. Just imagine going to those sites without a pop-up blocker and thats what its like for me.

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    or u have spyware. spyware can ause popups even though u have ur popup stoper enabled. if you havnt already checked for spyware i recomend that you google Spybot:search and destroy and download version 1.3


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    I used both Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D updated. they found nothing that needed to be deleted except for tracking cookies.


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