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Thread: My Kazaa Lite

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    Why does every media file on my computer end up in the My Kazaa Lite library and not just those in the shared folder. I don't need to hear wav flies, etc.

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    Wait, are you talking about just random sounds that you download from the web? Or are you talking about WAV files that you dowlnoad from Kazza?

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    I'm referring to files already on my computer before I installed K-lite. These are wav, image and documents. They don't appeared in the shared folder only when I click the My Kazaa button all these files appear in the different folders in the library. This makes it hard to look for only the files I downloaded thru Kazaa

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    You can choose your shared folder in the instalation of the kazaa lite (if is kazaa lite). For kazaa, the program allows you to change that folder for one that you choose. Go options and choose the new one.

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    OK, let me explain this one more time. I'm not referring to My Shared folder. I already know how to change that and have. In fact, it's not even on drive C. However, when I open My Kazaa Lite on the KL toolbar, I find that every media file on my computer is now accessible. Apparentllly Kazaa Lite automically scanned fro playable files and has listed all of them there. THESE DO NOT APPEAR IN THE MY SHARED FOLDER! So, my question is how do I clean up this mess without permanently deleting these and see only those files in the shared folder?


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