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Thread: Downloading Music

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    hey i'm new here. and i'm really really bad with the whole computer thing. can someone tell me how to download music? my AIM name is xluckyxxstarsx. so if you could IM me and like, lead me thru this, i would love you forever

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    well, its actually quite simple... kazaa lite is a VERY user friendly program! Its easy for anybody to do and get what they want with it, and the best thing is the more people get what they want the better off the community is. Ok here simply go to search and key in the title of what you want and you will find (probably thousands) of files that match your search. Just find what you are looking for and just double click it to start the download. Its that simple!

    If you take the link then please take a moment to register and get involved in our boards. You will get a lot more out of it if you register first, Everybody is welcome! -see ya there!


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