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Thread: Firefox Spell

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    Is there a Spell checker that works with Firefox? I have one for IE, but i think il use firefox almost exclusively if i can get a spell checker for it.

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    can anyone help?

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    I was able to get the spell checker extension working in firefox 0.9 by doing the following:

    * First, uninstall Firebird
    * Grab the stuff you want from my old profile (bookmarks, etc -- which is still in a Application Data folder labeled Phoenix if you are upgrading from 0.8), and then delete the profile
    * Download firefox 0.9 zipfile not the installer. I've heard that some people have had problems getting this extension working with the installer version
    * Unzip and place the firefox files from where you plan on running firefox from. Your install should have the composer.xpt file in the components directory.
    * Start firefox
    * Install spellcheck.xpi from:
    * Shut down and restart firefox
    * Install spellcheckerfe0_4_0.xpi from:
    * Shut down and restart firefox
    * Download your dictionary of choice from:
    * Shut down, restart firefox, and go spell check something
    this is from another person, i'm not taking credit for it, but you should look into it.

    spell-en-US.xpi <----english dictionary (i doubt any of us need a bulgarian one) so make sure you pick this one. Hope it works out for ya man.

    ps, it&#39;s not working for me, and the zip version is also ...not working, so I just reinstalled it, (the spell checker comes up but does nothing, i&#39;m a human spellchecker anyways) .
    &quot;If you expect a kick in the balls, and you get a slap in the face, then it&#39;s a victory&#33;&quot; -old Irish wisdom

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    haha, thanks for trying it out for me

    any other ideas?

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    Just look for spell checker software
    for example "tiny spell"
    they will check what you spell.

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    lol no problem, it was an interesting experience, re-installing firefox that is .
    &quot;If you expect a kick in the balls, and you get a slap in the face, then it&#39;s a victory&#33;&quot; -old Irish wisdom


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