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Thread: Boot Order..

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    Jul 2003
    ok i have 3 devices that boot but what is the like the best order for them i think it goes Cd drive/floppy harddrive currently.

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    QazQaz007's Avatar I got your Newcomer
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    Jul 2003
    just go with what you got
    there is no diff in speed unless
    you just go with hdd
    but that means that if you have
    to boot from a cd or something
    you have to enable it each time

    but your fine with what you got
    the only thing it would effect would
    be your boot up time by about
    1-2 sec not really worth your time
    to change it

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    I always set mine to:

    That way when I have to boot to cd, I dont have to keep going into bios.
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    Mar 2003
    I've always set to boot from HDD only.
    That way the BIOS isn't looking for other devices all the time.
    When I know I want a fresh install, I just set BIOS first.
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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    I removed floppy from my list all together since i don't ahve one, and won't need to boot from it. Then i set my cdrw drive as first boot device and harddrive as last.

    I used to do it the way clocker said, but i kinda became too lazy to change it everytime.

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    I always disable any component in the boot sequence I won't be using. for example, if I need to boot from cd I'll but CD-room, HDD, Floppy. But for normal usage, just boot off HDD, CD-rom, Floppy.

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    I just go with boot from HD only.
    The only times I need to boot from another device is when I am installing my OS or something along those lines which isn't very often.
    So with set as HD only whenever you need to boot to something else you just go back and set it to floppy first or cd-rom first.
    When I have it set as boot HD only, it cuts down on load up times because it is not looking for media in the other devices as well.
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