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    i have Downloaded loads of nocd patches for GTA3 and none og them work at all. i still get the screen tellin me to put my disc 2 in!! i did download a Cracked copy of GTA3 of kazaa and that worked but my grafics r crap!!!!!!!!! so i got given the Real cd and i copyed em. now i have lost my copys i can run the game. i also have the 1.1 patch. i have used u 1 buy myth and that dont work.(i used that exact same Nocd on the cracked vir and it worked).

    be handy if u can help


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    If you keep installing different versions of the game and different cracks over top of each other, it's bound to not work. Completely remove the game and delete the folder. Then reinstall from your copied discs (you should be able to use them to install, you just can't play from them). Now get the 1.1 patch from Then go to and make sure you get the version 1.1 No CD crack.

    BTW, what program did you use to copy the discs? It's possible they're protected and your copy didn't work. You might need to use 'CloneCD".


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