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Thread: How Do I Tell How Far Along The Queue I Am?

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    I was just wondering, when you have requested a file from someone, how can you tell when you are moving up the queue?

    I know when you first make the request, it gives you a number like queues 14/20, but once you have started the request, how do you know when you are moving up a place in the queue, so you have an idea of how long you have to wait before th download starts?

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    the bot tells at random, if the bot is being hammered, it takes a bit to tell you. by "a bit", it could be an hour, or more. but there is no command to tell you

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    it usually says in the window that ur currently in queue # whatever

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    I'm not even sure if I did it right, as I never saw my queue # in the window. I was on TMD Moviez for several hours, and yet I never received a single byte.
    I followed their rules for searching for the film using the @find command, and then several boxes popped up of people who have the film. I chose one which had a queue of 14/20, and keyed in the trigger phrase. Then I got back a red message with the person's name in it, and nothing seemed to happen after that.

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    do you have xdcc klipper (or something like it) It tells you how far in the queue you are (and then some) I think that's the site, just download it and follow the readme, it's really cool.
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    Usually if I have to wait in que, I leave it alone for a couple hours and when I want to see how far along in the que I am, I just scroll up and look for the red/burgendy text. It is usually easy to spot and the color is only used to display your que status.

    Another thing you can do is do a Find (alt f) and search for "you have been qued" and search up until you find the last time the bot said it.


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    When the bot actually "tells" you something, it's never accurate.

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    Ok thanks for the advice,I'll try your tips next time.


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