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Thread: So What Exactly Is It?

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    What exactly is bittorent? Is it a network or a program? is it like kazaa? what is supernova?

    sorry for my ignorance, i've always been curious as to what it was.

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    2,305 have a look there to get started

    it is a network and suprnova is a big site with lots of torrents

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    BT is a file sharing tool. I wouldn't say it is a network because there is no direct interconnections.

    Anyways how it works...
    there is no search in BT, you much download a small file that is usually hosted on a sight like Suprnova. This file contains a shadow image of the file that you want to download and the address of a tracker which will be following the file.
    {A tracker is just another computer, it maybe on someones personal computer, or a server ran by a sight (which bigger torrent sights have) that will then send the information of others that have the file you want to your computer and report progress to everyones computer.}
    You load the torrent (the small file off off i.e. suprnova) into a client program, and there is a ton of them. And download that file from everyone else that is downloading that file.

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    bt is a protocol fool. it allows people to upload while they are dl. bt isnt a program. program like shadows is a client. tracker keeps track of whos dl and ul

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    go on take a look see the guy and some fun photos and some normal stuff worth a look BT works best with a fast hook up will work on dial its free its fun theres lots of forums and stuff.

    forgot there are bt search engines as well its the best


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