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Thread: Help Finding A Band Name And Song

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    well lets c who knows their trivia cause im looking for a band name and song title and i dont have much to offer.

    i thought the bands name was pilot but asparently with much searching i have found that its not.

    theirs a song on the radio called _____ through the walls (fill in the blank) its in the rock genre.

    its by a band that i thought was called pilot.

    any help would be splendid

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    I really don't have any idea, but I decided to try to help you anyway. The closest match I could find on AMG was a 90's grunge rock group called Pilot. They had an album called "Stranger's Waltz", which had a song called Tambourine Waltz and also one called Greenwood Waltz. Maybe you just thought they were saying "through the walls".


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