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Thread: Amd Athlon Mobile 2500 + Xp

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    Well I heard that mobile athlons have better (extra) volts to overclock but I doesn't come with a HSF. So what are the replacement to fit the chip?
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    266MHz FSB (mobile) won&#39;t be as fast as regular Barton 2500+ 333MHz FSB (non mobile)

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    The mobile is better for OVERclocking. Only get it if your overclocking, because it is unlocked. Just get like an Aeroflow or something for like 25 bucks I would say...

    They also both run at 1.83Ghz
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    Originally posted by haha21@22 June 2004 - 21:04
    Well I heard that mobile athlons have better (extra) volts to overclock
    You hang out in the wrong places.

    Mobile chips have two advantages over desktop chips.
    They are not locked.
    They run on lower voltage.

    If you are planning on OCing the chip, you can take advantage of the first feature, but will almost certainly lose the will have to up the vCore dramatically.
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    The mobile runs at 1.45v as standard, so there&#39;s less heat output.

    Just as with the non-mobile chip, you may have to increase vcore in order to successfully overclock, but since you are starting at a lower voltage stability will be achieved at a lower voltage too, so less heat even when overclocked.

    And you can get the FSB up by lowering the multiplier, as dawg says the mobile chips are unlocked. Even if you don&#39;t want to OC the chip I can&#39;t think of any reason why you can&#39;t still raise the FSB.
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    Ohhh alright thanks guys .
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