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Thread: School Firewall

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    My school uses websense webpage blocking and also doesnt allow kazaa.
    Lately I have been able to connect to kazaa and I am able to search for files, but when I click a file, I always get the "more sources needed" message. I get it no matter what.

    Does anyone have any good idea on how to fix this?

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    Do you have Kazaa lite? If you have, here is a trick that I ve seen on the help file of Klite:

    Start a search. A single search (no AutoSearchMore) is enough if the file is popular. For more rare files do a couple of manual 'search more'. Stop searching when you have 10 or more sources. The reason why you shouldn't search until you get a lot of results will follow shortly.

    Now start the download.

    After that continue searching for the same file. This time you can enable AutoSearchMore if you want. Search for another minute or less. Two minutes for rare files. Searching longer doesn't help much, trust me.

    You will notice that the download speeds are much higher now.

    But why didn't we initially search until we had hundreds of results? Well, only a maximum of 30 sources is stored in the .dat file when you start a download. But once the download is started, an additional 120 sources can be added (150 total). That's why we continued searching after starting the download.

    That's what the help file says.


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