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Thread: Automation Software

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    Well i found a program called Ghostmouse that can record and play back mouse movement,clicks,etc.. but am also looking for a way to automate the keyboard. I could try the handycapped keyboard software in windows, but it's quite a limited process and I need text to be automaticly typed whilst in a fullscreen program.

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    thanx for ghostmouse

    what exactly do need done?
    Try NeoBook

    it takes awhile to understand this proggy,
    basic step
    start new book or page
    page-page properties(f5)
    left side clik - actions
    select action-application-run-selectthe application you want eg. notepad.exe,photoshop,ghost mouse whatever etc
    send keys
    test it
    sometimes you need to delay action
    when finished goto-book-compile
    itll make an exe file which if programmed right will automate anything


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