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    Version: 4.24
    Release Date: May 10, 2004

    Release Notes

    * WHQL certified kit
    * Unified drivers with support for nForce, nForce2, and nForce3 products. This package does not include support for dual-processor systems.
    * General compatibility fixes
    * Audio Driver Improvements
    o Introduced NVMixer – replaces SoundStorm Control Panel for all audio configuration tasks. Note that NVMixer operates best when run at 1024x768 16-bit color
    o Introduced improved AC ’97 / Soft Audio driver – adds EQ, speaker cloning, and speaker wizard support
    o Introduced Speaker Wizard – incorporates all NVSwap features, ensures correct speaker setup on analog or digital speaker systems
    o Introduced Cinesurround – virtual 5.1 mixdown to headphones or 2 speakers
    o Introduced new Environments – simple, preset driven sound environments
    o Enhanced ASIO support and added support for AC ’97 / Soft Audio systems
    o Added user adjustable “rear channel creation” support – adds off, clone, reverb and delay
    o Added support for Realtek ALC655 codecs, Realtek ALC658 codecs, and 7.1 support for Realtek ALC850 codecs
    o Added support for WMV-HD audio streams and WaveFormatExtensible calls
    o Improved playback of mono content
    o Addressed audio issues in numerous games and applications
    * Storage Driver Improvements:
    o Support for Serial ATA controllers
    o Full NVIDIA RAID functionality on supported platforms
    o Improved compatibility with 3rd-party drive management, CD ripping and recording software.
    o Automatic DMA-mode fall-back when data errors are present due to poor cabling
    o Improved handling of various storage devices

    Windows XP Driver Versions

    * Audio driver 4.31 (WHQL)
    * Audio utilities 4.31
    * Ethernet driver 4.16 (WHQL)
    * GART driver 3.77 (WHQL)
    * Memory controller driver 3.38 (WHQL)
    * SMBus driver 4.04 (WHQL)
    * Installer 4.38
    * IDE NVIDIA driver 4.12

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    Have you tried it?
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    not yet ,mate,,doit later on or something!!...

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    Old news, it has been out for a few weeks.

    Didn't notice any change/improvement with the drivers, but the Mixer is a lot better than the previous offering.
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