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Thread: Problems Playing Xvid

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    Hey peps i just got lord of the rings two towers and it plays good but the screen play stutters and for ex. froto is saying something and a few seconds later it finally sees it can anyone help please spent a long time donloading this

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    Try Here::

    Should help ya

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    i also downloaded the 3 cd version of lord of the rings two towers and the only problem i have is with the second cd, the other two play fine with windows media player in xp but try playing the second cd and you get a "format not supported" message. ive used the gspot program to see what codecs it uses and its not using any audio or video codecs at all. Ive tried all the codecs i can think of and still no luck. the funny thing about it is that i played the movie using the original divx player and the video plays fine but there is no audio, and if i use the newest version of the divx player i get video but very choppy audio. So even though gspot is saying that there is no audio or video codecs for this file certian versions of divx are able to render parts of the video and audio.....i dont know how to proceed....... im ready to scrap this unless someone out there has found an uncomplicated way of fixing this. Does any one out there have an audio stream saved for this second cd that you can post?????????


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